What Grease & Lubricants Do
Bestaf enables you to smoothen the process of manufacturing

Bestaf is a supplier of high-quality lubrication oils & grease for industrial & automobile lubricants use. All our products meet and in most cases exceed the specification set by motor manufacturers companies around the world. Our products are independently blended & manufactured under the strictest specification for today. A basket full of products with the latest chemical technology are developed at a well equipped modern manufacturing & testing facility in Nigeria.


Bestaf Ltd. produces high quality grease with a step by step process with the right amount of raw materials under the supervision of our experts. We focus on providing premium quality grease in different packaging

Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is the preferred grease for a variety of lubrication tasks and plays a significant role in the automotive sector. Its multifunctionality is what gets a long list of uses.

Its most widespread uses include:
  • Lubricates door and hinges
  • In Sun-roofing
  • Protects component from water ingress
  • Windshield Wiper Mechanisms
  • Radio Antenna Aerials
  • Battery Termina


Lubricants provide a cushion like texture between surfaces that will come in friction when working together. Its chemical oil makes the surface slippery and easy to keep moving.

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